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Rental companies

Take advantage of a versatile management tool to easily manage your fleet and connect to our network of partners.
Thanks to two powerful search engines, find precisely for boats and crew members for your future rentals.
Save time and autonomy!

About our services

Fleet Maker lets you manage your fleet and more!

An online booking schedule
  • Add your fleet online or directly import your fleet and your customer database into your Fleet maker account
  • Generate your rental and skippage contracts, boat inventories, quotes and invoices
  • A reservation confirmed? Send a confirmation to your customer in one click
  • Your schedule is connected to our Boats search engine which will make your fleet visible to many partners!

A boat search engine
Find a boat in an external agency to satisfy your customers
  • Thanks to many criteria, look for boats available in other agencies
  • Download the PDF files of the boats
  • Send booking requests to rental companies
  • Add boats to favorites so that they come out on top of search results
  • Generate quotes by selecting one or more external boats or belonging to your fleet

A Crew search engine
  • Find all types of crew members according to your criteria
  • Send requests to crew members with mission details
  • Add members to favorites. They will appear at the top of the results (if available)

  • This button alerts you to new rental requests
  • An online chat is available and allows you to chat with a partner instantly
  • You can also "accept" or "refuse" a request (If accepted, it will automatically be added to your schedule and in case of refusal, a message will be automatically sent to the partner)
  • You will also find there the answers of the partners and crew member

"Data" menu
  • Consult the rental history with all the necessary information: dates, customers, boats, prices, crew members, business providers ...
  • Import or export your data to an Excel file
  • Quickly search for information using the search bar at the top of each page

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Rental companies

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