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Your customizable agenda is connected to our Crew search engine, intended for rental companies.
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About our services

Fleet Maker makes your daily life easier!

A reservation schedule
  • Your customizable calendar allows you to complete a form to add a reservation but also to block your unavailability dates
  • Your schedule is connected to our "Crew" search engine. If you are available, your profile will appear
  • A rental company can add you to their favorites. During a search, you will appear at the top of the results

  • You will receive reservation requests with all the information you will need (make, model, name of the boat, name of the client, number of people on board, and others). If you accept the request, this information will automatically be added to your calendar.
  • An online chat is available and allows you to chat instantly with a rental company

"Data" menu
  • Consult the history of your missions with all the necessary information: dates, customers, boats, price ...
  • Export your data to an Excel file
  • Quickly search for information using the search bar at the top of each page

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